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Disruptive Solutions


BioNovus Innovations invests in individuals and organizations that are transforming healthcare.


Disruptive innovation requires a significant financial investment and a commitment to bring novel solutions to reality.  Our portfolio companies have developed new enabling technologies, pharmaceuticals and delivery models that are transformative.


Join us to chart a new path, one that addresses root causes rather than symptoms and collectively transforms the future of healthcare.






BioNovus is about partnerships.

The most successful partnerships produce a synergy that can accomplish much more than either side could alone. Partnering the right investor to the right potential breakthrough can spell the difference between success and failure for many promising therapies.

The organizations that become our partners are each unique, yet they are all trailblazing paths that have the power to transform and save countless lives.

BioNovus is proud to partner with these outstanding organizations.






Community BioNovus is building a solution-oriented movement. It's an undertaking that serves as a catalyst for nationwide impact through efforts that disrupt the status quo and challenge assumptions about medical technologies and their delivery to the patient. We've built a model that presents a new perspective on the critical components for success in the 21st century. Through engagement, research and human-centered design thinking, BioNovus is piloting programs and creating resources to support this fundamental change. For more information on our various initiatives, please call or email.